California Environmental Quality Act Reviews

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) (Public Resources Code Section 21000 et seq) requires that local governmental agencies, prior to taking action on projects over which they have discretionary approval authority, consider the environmental consequences of such projects. The purpose of CEQA is: 

  • Inform governmental decision makers and the public about the potential significant environmental effects of proposed activities.
  • Identify ways that environmental damage can be avoided or significantly reduced.
  • Prevent significant, avoidable damage to the environment by requiring changes in projects through the use of alternatives or mitigation measures when the governmental agency finds the changes feasible.
  • And, disclose to the public the reasons why a governmental agency approved the project in the manner the agency chose, if significant environmental effects are involved. 

This site contains CEQA notices, environmental review documents and additional CEQA Resources for proposed projects conducted by the City in compliance with CEQA.

CEQA Notices

Specific Project Environmental Documents

The City of Clovis is the lead agency for the preparation of project-level Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed Vista Ranch Project (Project), in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act.

The Project is located directly northeast of the City of Clovis limit line. The Project site is bounded on the north by East Behymer Avenue, on the east by Big Dry Creek Reservoir, on the south by East Shepherd and East Perrin Avenues, and on the west by North Fowler and North Sunnyside Avenues. The Project site is approximately 952 acres and includes a City of Clovis Sphere of Influence (SOI) expansion for the entire 952-acre area. Within the Project site there is the Vista Ranch Master Plan area that is approximately 507 acres that would be annexed into the City of Clovis. The Vista Ranch Master Plan is divided into two areas (MPArea 1 and MPArea 2) based on entitlement requests and the level of design available. MPArea 1 is 368 acres proposed for full entitlements to develop immediately. Entitlements within MPArea 1 include an annexation, general plan amendments, pre-zoning, master plan community overlay district and vesting tentative map. The remaining 139 acres in the Vista Ranch Master Plan (MPArea 2) does not include full entitlements and would require further environmental review to enable future development once more detailed design work is performed. There are also 445 acres of land outside of the Vista Ranch Master Plan, but within the Project site. This area is referred to as Non-Development Area and is part of the SOI expansion but does not propose any other entitlements that would enable development.

The City of Clovis’ Active Transportation Plan (ATP) has been updated and  is now available for Public Review (see below). The ATP Update supports walking, bicycling, transit, and use of other emerging modes of personal transport as alternatives to driving within Clovis, to neighboring cities, and regional destinations.

The public comment period closed Sunday, July 30, 2023 at 5 p.m. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to review the proposed plan and provided the City with their comments. The Active Transportation Plan will be presented to the Planning Commission on October 26, 2023 and to the City Council in November 2023.

The City of Clovis (City) is the lead agency responsible for preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for The Villages Specific Plan. 

The Heritage Development Company (Project Applicant) has requested to urbanize approximately 881 acres currently outside the City limits, but within the City’s sphere of influence. The area proposed for development (referred to as the Specific Plan Area), is located within the Northwest Urban Center area identified in the City’s General Plan. The general boundaries of the proposed Specific Plan Area are N. Willow Avenue to the west, W. Shepherd Avenue to the south, N. Sunnyside Avenue to the east, and (north of) E. Behymer Avenue to the north.

The City of Clovis is the lead agency for the preparation of project-level Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed Shepherd North Project (Project), in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act.

The Project area includes approximately 155 acres, composed of approximately 77 acres of Development Area and 78 acres of Non-Development Area. The Development Area included parcels proposed for annexation that will be entitled for subdivision and development. The Project includes a Sphere of Influence (SOI) Expansion, General Plan Amendment, Pre-zone, Annexation/Reorganization, Tentative Tract Map, Planned Development Permit, and Residential Site Plan Review. The Non-Development Area includes the parcels proposed to be included in the SOI expansion that will not be entitled for subdivision or development. The amendment of the City’s SOI will require an application and approval by the Fresno Local Agency Formation Commission and the County of Fresno. The proposed Project would provide up to 605 single-family residential units. The Project site is north of the City of Clovis limit line at the northeast corner of North Sunnyside Avenue and East Shepherd Avenue.

The City of Clovis is the lead agency for the preparation of project-level Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed Tract Map 6343 Project (Project), in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act.

The proposed TM 6343 would consist of the annexation of 246 acres from Fresno County to the City of Clovis, and the development of 590 residential lots within the 71.54- acre project site.

The City of Clovis has prepared an environmental analysis of the Home Place Master Plan project, focusing on the consistency with the Loma Vista Specific Plan and the 2014 General Plan, and the environmental impact reports prepared for both projects.  The environmental analysis was considered by the Planning Commission and City Council in conjunction with their consideration of the project.  The project proposes the adoption of a Master Plan for an area encompassing approximately 310 acres generally bound by Leonard Avenue on the west, Thompson Avenue on the east, Gettysburg Avenue on the north, and Ashlan Avenue on the south. The proposal will facilitate the annexation and development of land within the project boundary, to include approximately 1,174 new single family units, 132 multifamily units, 5 acres of neighborhood commercial, and related parks and open space areas. Prezoning, tract map, and planned development permit applications are also included.

This initial study has been prepared for the proposed  project associated with entitlement applications GPA2022-001 and R2022-001. The applications request modification of the general plan designation and zoning for property located at 1491 Alluvial to allow for multifamily development.

CEQA Resources