The Clovis Public Utilities Department

The City of Clovis is committed to providing quality services to our citizens and customers. To guide us in that mission, the City developed a set of values. The Public Utilities Department has identified compasses that provide texture and depth to those values and help us to meet the City’s customer service expectations. 

Life is better when you don’t have to fret over certain things – like turning on the tap for water, flushing the toilet, or making sure the trash out front is picked up. And that’s the goal for the Clovis Public Utilities Department, where staff members aim to provide services residents can take for granted, including:

  • Prompt trash pickup
  • Sufficient clean, fresh water
  • Safe streets
  • Reliable sewer service

The Public Utilities Department also works to keep city parks and open spaces clean and green, street lighting systems operating, and City vehicles ready to roll. Providing these services means both a commitment to customers and a respect for the community, designed to maintain Clovis’ high quality of life.