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Here you can find information for options on how to pay utility bills, search for city programs, and find out what else Clovis has to offer its residents.

Public Utilities

Payment Options

Pay a bill via online,
mail, or by phone

Start Utility Service

Start a new refuse
or water service

Stop Utility Service

Stop a refuse
or water service

Rates and Fees

Water rates and
penalty fee info

Programs & Services

Affordable Housing

Housing information
for Clovis

Animal Services

Animal adoption,
control, and licence info

Cottage Home Program

Buy a cottage
in Clovis!

Public Transportation

Maps and routes
for public transit

Senior Services

Visit the Clovis
Senior Center!

Trash Pickup Schedule

Pickup days
and routes



Info about Clovis
parks and landscaping


Fun things to
do in Clovis

Taking It To The Streets

Food, design,
and fun!

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