Clovis Community Watch

To start a Community Watch group in your neighborhood, read our Introduction Letter and the instructions in “Starting Steps” in the Program Resource files.   

If you have any further questions,  contact us by email: or phone: (559)324-2400

Community Watch Program

Dear Neighbor:

The Clovis Police Department has started a new “Clovis Community Watch” similar to the Neighborhood Watch Program; and we are looking for your support. As you know, city budgets are suffering during these tough economic times, and our police officers are being utilized beyond our maximum capacity while crime rates are heading in the wrong direction.

It’s time for the “US” in community to help by becoming the eyes and ears for the police department. Neighborhood watch programs throughout the country have been extremely successful in reducing crime. We are looking for individuals that would like to take on the challenge to be a block captain, and organize a group in their neighborhood. We have newly designed Clovis Community Watch signs available to go up on your street, and stickers to go in the windows of your homes in order to deter criminal activity on your street.

Our department will also assist in organizing your first community watch meeting; and one of our police officers will attend that meeting to give you safety tips and answer any questions you may have. The City of Clovis prides itself on the quality of life that we are able to maintain throughout our community. We value our citizens; and with your help, we can continue to make our city one of the safest in the valley as well as maintain the quality of life we are accustomed to. 

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this program, please feel free to contact us at 324-2400 or