Department Staffing

Currently staffing the Clovis Police department are 200 employees of which 105 are sworn officers. High morale, fair and equitable wages and benefits make for little turn-over in employment in the department, although there is never a shortage of people eager to join our force. In addition to the full-time officers, there is a reserve program. Citizens representing a wide variety of occupations volunteer for the Reserve Unit, including physicians, teachers and military personnel. Reserves are required to be trained by the state and devote a minimum of 10 hours of service monthly. They help extend the reach of the fulltime officers and in addition to walking patrols, are in squad cars, on motorcycles and on bicycles.

Patrol Division

Patrol is the most highly visible division of the Police Department. Uniformed Patrol, which includes traffic enforcement, the Reserve Unit, and Community Service Officers, responds to calls for service and represent the police department in their daily contact with the citizens of Clovis. They also deal effectively and appropriately with the criminals they apprehend. Neighborhood Corporals work closely with business and property owners to resolve any problems within the community. The Police Chaplain Program assists our department and victims of crime during traumatic events or in times of grief. The Patrol Division’s effective and proactive approach toward eliminating criminal activity and protecting its citizens has helped create a safe community for the citizens of Clovis.

Education and Training

Frequent education and training keep Clovis police officers sharp and ready for the challenges of their work. Training and education topics range from social and police issues to practical training matters, such as firearms and first aid and training for being a first responder, community policing, terrorism and dealing with domestic violence to name just a few.

Police Communications

The Communications Division is the primary answering point for all emergency and non-emergency requests for police and emergency medical assistance in Clovis. 9-1-1 calls in Clovis are received by a dispatcher who asks the questions necessary to determine the nature of the event. Personnel and equipment are assigned based on this dispatcher’s assessment. The dispatcher may continue talking to the caller while emergency units are assigned to the event by another dispatcher. 

Activity in the Clovis Communications Center can vary widely. At times, the Center is quiet with an almost eerie silence. However, more often than not, the Center is busy with phones ringing, printers printing, dispatchers and call takers talking and Emergency personnel being dispatched to calls. Public Safety Dispatchers and Police Service Officers process a steady stream of calls and requests for police and medical services. 

Records Division

The records manager, her full-time staff of five professional staff and several part-time employees are responsible for the more than fifteen thousand police reports that are generated each year. The Records Division is responsible for all crime reports, data entry, typing, property and evidence and many more allocated tasks. Business hours for the Records division are: Monday-Wednesday & Friday: 8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. Thursday: 8:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. Saturday & Sunday: Closed. For more information, call Records at (559) 324-2400.

Property & Evidence 

The Property and Evidence Division receives approximately nine thousand items of property and evidence each year, and at any given time it holds more than twenty-five thousand pieces of evidence collected in support of criminal investigations. The Property and Evidence team works hard to safeguard all of its holdings in an effort to ensure that all items are preserved in the best condition possible, and that the chain of custody is always maintained with maximum integrity. This involves coordinating with local, state, and federal laboratories to ensure that forensic analyses are conducted in a timely manner and performed by top notch experts. The Property and Evidence Division’s hours vary, but its staff can generally be reached Monday through Friday at (559) 324-2432.