City of Clovis employees receive many employment benefits, including health coverage. Please review the benefit plans, memorandums of understanding, and policies on this page and tabs below for more information about benefits with the City.

Clovis Employee Memorandums of Understanding

A positive working environment benefits everyone. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) represents the best effort between the City and respective bargaining units to provide a fair and equitable place to work. Some of the topics covered in the MOU include:

Through offering a comprehensive and cost effective health benefit program, the City aims to attract, retain, and provide a stable and healthy workforce to the community. The City’s health benefit package contains a number of options for employees and their dependents. These options are meant to allow employees flexibility in controlling costs and delivery of services depending upon their unique health needs. The links below allow a side-by-side comparison of benefits and costs associated with each plan by bargaining unit.

The City offers plans provided by Kaiser Permanente and Anthem Blue Cross.

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