Welcome to the pre-approved Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Program. This program allows architects, engineers, and draftsperson to submit ADU plans for preapproval for availability to the public. This program encourages using the pre-approved ADU to help expedite the process of issuing permits for ADUs.


There is an application to participate in the program; this application can be found by clicking here, or you may pick up an application at the Building Division counter.

The steps below are how to submit for the approval of the pre-approved ADU.

• The pre-approved ADU shall comply with the current California codes.

• Submit a complete plan with all supporting documents for plan review. Read the SFR Minimum Submittal Requirements document on the Building Division website for further information. Additional plans may be requested once the review starts.

•For fire sprinkler approval, the plan and application will require a separate fire sprinkler plan to be submitted to the portal and routed to the Fire Department for review and approval.

• Options to the plans will be limited to four options per ADU plan set.

• Once the plans are approved, the Architect/Engineer/Draftsperson shall supply the floor plan and elevations sheets to the Building Division so we can place them on the City of Clovis Building Web Page. The website will also contain the architect/engineer/draftsperson’s contact information.

• The customer will contact the Architect/Engineer/Draftsperson to obtain permission to use the pre-approved plans. The Architect/Engineer/Draftsperson shall provide a completed release and waiver form via e-mail Jessen@cityofclovis.com, Nicoled@cityofclovis.com and Bradf@cityofclovis.com. The e-mail shall have the customer’s name and contact information with which Standard ADU Plan Number (SAPN) the customer has chosen, and which options will be used.

• The customer will need a completed site plan/plot plan and an application that shows which pre-approved plan set and which options will be used, and they will submit these to the Building Division.

• When the permit is issued, the Building Division will give the customer access to the plans.

• If the pre-approved plan is modified beyond the four options, it must undergo another review to complete the normal submittal and plan review process.


Are you interested in building an ADU on your property? Are looking for a quicker and lower-cost option?

Consider building a pre-approved ADU.

To be eligible to use the pre-approved ADU plans, the lot must meet the following criteria:

• Lot must be zoned residential including mixed-use zones where residential uses are permitted

• Lot shall have an existing or proposed dwelling unit

This webpage lists the floor plan, elevations, and contact information of the creators of the pre-approved ADU plans. Interested parties should browse this webpage to find a plan that fits their needs best. Although plans are pre-approved there is still a need to submit a Building permit application, authorization from the creator for use of the plans, and a site-specific site plan/plot plan for verification of placement on the lot. General ADU information can be found here. If you have any questions related to site placement standards, please contact the Planning Division at (559) 324-2340.

It is important that you as the property owner understand the role of the creator when submitting a building permit. Please familiarize yourself with the options of hiring a contractor or going the route of owner builder to pull permits.