Election Information

Clovis Municipal Election November 8, 2024

In June, the Clovis City Council will call for the City’s General Municipal Election to be held on November 5, 2024, to fill two (2) Council seats for a four-year term through November 2028.  

The period for filing nomination papers for the office of City Council is July 15, 2024, through August 9, 2024. If an incumbent fails to file by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, August 9, 2024, the filing period is automatically extended five (5) days to Wednesday, August 14, 2024, for others to file. The extension does not apply to incumbents; the last day to file for an incumbent is August 9, 2024.

Clovis voters, at large, elect a 5-member council to serve as the city’s legislative and governing body.  The members serve four (4) year terms and they elect one member to serve as Mayor and one to serve as Mayor Pro Tem for two years.  A general municipal election is held every two years, alternating, between two and three positions each cycle.  The two seats available for the November 2024 election are currently held by Councilmember Mouanoutoua, and Mayor Ashbeck.  The remainder of the Council consists of Councilmembers Bessinger, Basgall and Pearce, whose terms expire in November 2026. 

As the elected legislative body of the City of Clovis, the City Council has overall responsibility for the scope, direction, and financing of city services.  The Council is also responsible for establishing land use policies through the general plan and zoning regulations.  Under the council-manager form of government, adopted by municipal code, the City Council provides policy direction to the city manager who is responsible for administering city operations.  In setting policy, the Council works closely with citizen advisory commissions and committees, considers staff information and recommendations, and receives comments from the general public.  

The Clovis City Council meets the first three Mondays of each month at 6:00 p.m.  In addition to the regularly scheduled Council meetings, Council Members will generally spend time reviewing material in preparation for the meetings, attend additional meetings as required, and may require some travel.  Council Members work part-time in their capacity as elected officials and are paid a salary of $1,513 per month.

To qualify, prospective council candidates must reside in the City of Clovis and be a registered voter of the City of Clovis before nomination papers will be issued.  Filing information may be obtained from the office of the City Clerk, City of Clovis, 1033 Fifth Street, Clovis, CA 93612 or by calling 559-324-2060; or the Fresno County Elections Division at 559-600-8683.

Questions regarding this release may be directed to the City Clerk office, at (559) 324-2060.

Running for Office

Bilingual Voter Workshops

January 13, 2021

January 15, 2021

Campaign Financial Disclosures

California is a national leader in promoting transparency and fairness in elections. The Political Reform Act requires candidates and committees to file campaign statements by specified deadlines disclosing contributions received and expenditures made. These documents are public and may be audited by the FPPC and FTB to ensure that voters are fully informed and improper practices prohibited. It is the responsibility of candidates and committees to understand the rules regulating their campaigns in California.


The Public Access Portal contains financial information provided by candidates and committees. It can answer questions about who is contributing money, who is receiving money and how it is being spent.

To view the campaign statements, visit the City of Clovis public access portal by clicking the button below.

FormFilerFiling DateFileElection Year
497Vong Mouanoutoua12/17/20Download2021
497Diane Pearce12/18/20Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua12/18/20Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua12/21/20Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua12/22/20Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua12/23/20Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua12/24/20Download2021
497Lynne Ashbeck12/29/20Download2021
497Lynne Ashbeck12/29/20Download2021
497Lynne Ashbeck12/29/20Download2021
497Lynne Ashbeck12/31/20Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua12/31/20Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua1/2/21Download2021
497Lynne Ashbeck1/4/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua1/6/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua1/7/21Download2021
497Lynne Ashbeck1/7/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua1/8/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua1/11/21Download2021
497Lynne Ashbeck1/12/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua1/14/21Download2021
497Lynne Ashbeck1/19/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua1/19/21Download2021
460 Lynne Ashbeck1/20/21Download2021
497Noha Elbaz1/20/21Download2021
460Noha Elbaz1/21/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua1/21/21Download2021
460Vong Mouanoutoua1/21/21Download2021
497Diane Pearce1/21/21Download2021
460Diane Pearce1/21/21Download2021
460Diane Pearce1/21/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua1/25/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua1/26/21Download2021
470Herman Nagra1/27/21Download2021
460Lynne Ashbeck1/20/21Download2021
460 Vong Mouanoutoua1/21//21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua2/1/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua2/1/21Download2021
497Diane Pearce2/1/21Download2021
460Noha Elbaz2/1/21Download2021
497Noha Elbaz2/1/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua2/1/21Download2021
497Lynne Ashbeck2/2/21Download2021
497Diane Pearce2/2/21Download2021
497Lynne Ashbeck2/3/21Download2021
497Diane Pearce2/3/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua2/3/21Download2021
497Steve Brandau2/3/21Download2021
497Noha Elbaz2/4/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua2/8/21Download2021
470Herman Nagra2/8/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua2/9/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua2/9/21Download2021
497Diane Pearce2/10/21Download2021
497Mid Valley Disposal LLC et al2/10/21Download2021
497Diane Pearce2/11/21Download2021
460Lynne Ashbeck2/17/21Download2021
497Lynne Ashbeck2/17/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua2/18/21Download2021
460Vong Mouanoutoua2/18/21Download2021
460Diane Pearce2/18/21Download2021
460Noha Elbaz2/18/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua2/18/21Download2021
470Herman Nagra2/22/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua2/23/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua2/24/21Download2021
497Diane Pearce2/24/21Download2021
497Diane Pearce2/25/21Download2021
497Vong Mouanoutoua3/2/21Download2021
460Diane Pearce4/6/21Download2021
460Lynne Ashbeck7/28/21Download2021
460-AVong Mouanoutoua7/29/21Download2021
460-AVong Mouanoutoua7/29/21Download2021
460Vong Mouanoutoua7/29/21Download2021
460Noha Elbaz8/2/21Download2021
460Noha Elbaz8/16/21Download2021