The City Manager 

The City Manager is an appointed office established by the Clovis Municipal Code and under the laws of the state of California. The City Manager is appointed by the City Council to serve as the chief administrative officer of the City. The City Manager is responsible for administering all operations, finances, activities, and projects consistent with City Council policy directives and applicable municipal, state, and federal laws. The City Manager appoints and removes all employees on the recommendation of the various department heads, with confirmation of appointment or dismissal of department heads by the City Council. 

John Holt, City Manager. Phone: (559) 324-2060. 


The Administration Department is made up of the City Council, City Manager, City Clerk, Economic Development and City Attorney. As the elected legislative body of the City of Clovis, the five City Council members have overall responsibility for the scope, direction, and financing of city services. The council is also responsible for establishing land use policies through the General Plan and zoning regulations. Under the Council-Manager form of government, the City Council provides policy direction to the City Manager, who is responsible for administering city operations. In setting policy, the council works closely with citizen advisory commissions and committees, considers staff information and recommendations, and receives comments from the general public. 

The City Attorney 

The City Attorney is an appointed office established under the laws of the state of California and the Clovis Municipal Code. Professional legal services for City Attorney are presently obtained by contract as determined by the City Council. The City Attorney is the city’s chief legal advisor and represents the city in civil actions; prosecutes violations of the Municipal Code; drafts ordinances, resolutions, contracts, leases, deeds, covenants, bond and other financial documents, and other legal documents required by the City Council, City Manager, city commissions, and city departments; and pursues right-of-way acquisitions.

Public Notices