Residents of Clovis turn to the Finance department for a variety of reasons – to start or stop utility services, license a dog, or start a business. And whatever their need, residents can rest assured they will receive prompt, personal and accurate service. Because, when it comes to dollars and cents, the City’s Finance Department has what counts.

Understandably, safety and security are top priorities for the Finance Department, which performs all accounting services for the City’s annual budget. A workhorse-reliable, high-quality system has allowed for growth and expansion over the years. 

  • Committed to accuracy, security and timeliness, the Finance Department:
  • Conducts billing operations for residential and commercial services – water, sewer, and garbage, recycling and green waste collection
  • Provides timely and accurate financial accounting to the City Council and all city departments
  • Manages the payroll for 500-plus employees
  • Oversees bond administration, assessment issues and other treasury functions
  • Administers business licenses and animal licenses