A picture of a fire department hat.

Emergency Services

The Emergency Operations Division is responsible for providing the resources needed by Fire Department members who respond daily to requests for emergency and non-emergency services from the citizens of Clovis. The Operations Division activities include: responding to fires, first responder medical services, mutual/automatic aid, mapping, apparatus replacement, etc. The Training Bureau coordinates recruitment, testing and training of new employees and  in-service training for all safety employees.

Fire dispatch services are provided via a contract with Fresno County Emergency Medical Services. Dispatch services coordinate the emergency response of all City fire resources and mutual or automatic aid resources.

The Department is staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. This is accomplished by a three shift schedule (A,B,C) spread amongst five fire stations strategically located throughout the City to provide the best response times. Each shift is comprised of one Battalion Chief, six Captains, six Engineers and six Firefighters.