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Bulletin Board Requirements

The prime contractor must erect a bulletin board on the construction site for posting notices required by Federal and State laws. The bulletin board must be located in a conspicuous place and be available at all times to employees and applicants for employment. Employees must be able to view the required United States Department of Labor and FHWA posters. A binder with the required posters has been deemed an unacceptable alternative to a bulletin board. Federal posters are posted at:

Projects Currently Accepting Bids

The City is accepting bids from contractors who are interested in performing the works as described in the contract documents. Bidding documents are accessible on PlanetBids starting on Monday, July 20, 2020.

Project No.:         CIP 16-11
Project Title:       Peach Avenue Street Widening
Location:              Peach Avenue from South of Vartikian to Palo Alto; STPCML 5208 (157)
Scope of Work:   This project involves construction of 0.5 mile± asphalt-concrete street widening, overlay and pavement                                                    rehabilitation on Peach Avenue from W. Escalon Avenue to W. Fremont Avenue.  The work includes excavation,                                    earthwork, compaction, saw cutting, pavement grinding, pavement reinforcing fabric, construction of asphalt                                        concrete pavement, adjustments of existing utility valves and manholes, concrete ADA curb returns, drive                                              approaches, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters, retaining walls, and replacements of traffic striping and signage.

Estimate:             $750,000.00
Contract Time:    Thirty-five (35) Working Days
License:                California Contractor License Class A or C12
Open Date:           Tuesday, August 11, 2020 prior to 2:00 p.m.

Bid Documents:  Digital copies of construction documents and all related bidding documents can be downloaded for free online at                                  PlanetBids.

Contact:                 Thomas K. Cheng, Civil Engineer (559) 324-2374
2nd Contact:         Thad M. Avery, Supervising Civil Engineer (559) 324-2356

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