Billing Period

Utility billing occurs every two months and each account is billed for a two-month period of service. Since all water services within the city limits of Clovis are on water meters, bills are sent after the water meters are read (in arrears).

Utility Rates

The minimum for residential service as of July 1, 2018, is as follows:

  • Water by Meter (Dwelling Unit Charge): $22.52
  • Refuse Collection 96 gal.: $47.26
  • Refuse Collection 48 gal.: $44.88
  • Street Sweeping: $4.50
  • Sewer – Residential: $58.94
  • Recycling: $7.58
  • Greenwaste: $11.12
  • Extra Garbage Toter: $23.64

Water charges per 1,000 gallons above minimum dwelling unit charge

  • 1 – 23,000 gallons: $0.92 per thousand gallons
  • 23,000 – 40,000 gallons: $1.53 per thousand gallons
  • Over 40,000 gallons: $1.88 per thousand gallons

Service Fees and Collection Charges

  • Start Service Deposit for Single Family Residence: $150.00
  • Meter testing deposit: $84.00
  • Late Penalty (First Time): $5.00
  • Late Penalty (Second Time): $15.00
  • Late Penalty (Third Time): $25.00
  • First Delinquency: $25.00
  • Second Delinquency: $35.00
  • Third Delinquency: $50.00
  • Returned check fee: $25.00
  • After hours turn on: $174.00
  • Same day turn-on for Water Shutoffs: $60.00
  • Tampering fee: $175.00
  • Damage fee after tampering: $500.00

Additional Information

Utility bills will vary with water use. Bills tend to be higher in the warmer months and lower in the cooler months. Since water meters cannot all be read on the last day of the month water meters are read throughout the month and water charges are calculated from the last reading date to the most current reading date. 

For example, if your water meter was last read on September 7 and the most current reading was on November 7, your bill would show utility charges from October 1 through November 30 and water charges from September 7 through November 7. 

Tarpey area customers are provided with water only from the City of Clovis. If you are a resident in this area your garbage service is with Allied Waste, a private refuse company for trash pick up and with the City of Fresno for sewer service. The water account must remain in the name of the owner of the residence unless the residence has a meter. 

Commercial sites are billed similarly to residential customers. Commercial sites will have different refuse rates, sewer pre-treatment charges, metered sewer rates, and metered water. The rates for refuse will vary depending on the type and frequency of service. The rates for sewer pre-treatment and metered sewer will depend upon the type of business that is being operated at that site. 

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