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UPDATE: August 31st Construction Update – Alluvial/Temperance Roundabout

The Temperance/Alluvial roundabout sidewalk/pedestrian ramps are being constructed and paving will continue on the east side of the project. The next phase will include construction of the inner circle and the southern median.

For more guidance and instructional videos on how to use a roundabout, see the FAQ “How do I Drive a Roundabout?” on the City of Clovis website…/engineering/…/ 


Temperance Roundabout Project

On March 9th, construction began on a project to replace the existing signalized intersection at Temperance and Alluvial with a multi-lane roundabout. The first phase of construction will require Alluvial to be closed to through traffic west of Temperance. Southbound traffic on Temperance will be redirected to the northbound side of the roadway. The intersection of Temperance and Alluvial will function as a three way stop during this first phase of construction.

All businesses in the area will remain open and accessible throughout the project.

Replacing the signalized intersection with a roundabout will eliminate the operational delay from the signal.

The intersection of Alluvial Avenue/Owens Mountain Parkway and N. Temperance Avenue is approximately 375 feet north of the State Highway System; operations of the intersection can impact the Temperance Avenue interchange on State Route 168 due to the close spacing and the expected traffic.

Caltrans has expressed concerns that queues on the northbound approach to the signalized intersection of Temperance and Alluvial will block the westbound off ramp from State Route 168 in the future, primarily as a result traffic expected to be a generated by the Research and Technology Business  Park and other planned land uses in the area.

With the installation of a roundabout, the potential of operational issues is expected to be significantly lessened.

Anticipated completion of the project is winter of 2020. The project is being funded by a federal grant from the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ), which is administered by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  

Please follow this site as we will post regular updates on the project.

Temperance Roundabout diagram

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