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Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance Division provides preventative and corrective maintenance on all City streets and alleys. The section also maintains all lane striping; pavement markings and legends; all street regulatory, warning, and information signs; and all street name signs. 

Street Sweeping 

The Street Cleaning Section provides routine sweeping for all City streets to remove dirt and debris. Residential areas are swept twice per month and downtown areas are swept twice per week. The street cleaning operation contributes greatly towards reducing the particulate matter and hence improves air quality, storm water quality, and the overall quality of life for the residents of Clovis.

Need help finding your street sweeping days? Check here!

Sidewalk Damage and Trees

  • Roots from nearby trees can damage sidewalks, creating hazards for pedestrians
  • Under the California Streets and Highways Code and the Clovis Municipal Code, property owners are responsible for damage to the sidewalk in front of their homes if the damage is caused by their tree.
  • Property owners are generally responsible for the trees in their front yard, including any tree planted in the strip between the sidewalk and the street.
  • Property owners can also be liable for injuries that result from a damaged sidewalk.
  • The City of Clovis will make one-time minor repairs to sidewalks, such as grinding or ramping, at no cost to the property owner.  However, the property owner will be responsible for more significant or follow-up repairs to the sidewalks damaged by their trees.
  • The City has a program to loan property owners up to $2,500 to make repairs, if necessary.
  • Property owners are urged to monitor the sidewalks in front of their home and repair problems early, before they become significant.
  • More information is available by calling the Public Utilities Department at (559) 324-2600 or by reading Streets and Highways Code 5610-5618 and Ordinance 13-08.
  • Clovis Municipal Code – See Section 7.9