Loma Vista – The Southeast Urban Center

Clovis is making news. Over the next few years, southeast Clovis growth will unfold to create a new type of neighborhood village – a smart-growth community that will feature the best and latest in planning and design. Nothing like this has sprung up in the Central Valley – until now. 

Loma Vista, formerly known as the Southeast Urban Center, which eventually will be home to almost 30,000 residents over the next 20 years, will be an environmentally friendly neighborhood village. Recognizing the value of protecting our natural resources, higher-density residential areas will be joined with bicycle and walking paths and shared open spaces, all linked to vibrant, activity-filled urban streetscape areas. Central, block-long pedestrian ways will feature mixed-use development serving retail, office and residential needs. Reducing our dependence on the automobile, the urban center will signal a commitment to a future that continues to value a high quality of life. 

The Loma Vista Specific Plan area was one of three urban centers envisioned in the 1993 General Plan update. The recent agreement on the city’s sphere of influence has enabled our active planning of the area. The specific plan process began in May 2001, with the evaluation and selection of a consultant, and included an inter-agency technical advisory committee and a Plan Advisory Committee composed of property owners, Clovis residents, and area stakeholders. 

The Specific Plan area encompasses approximately 3,300 acres generally bounded on the north by Bullard Avenue, on the south by the Gould Canal, on the west by the existing city limit on Locan and on the east by McCall. The plan area includes commercial uses, parks and open space, and school facilities. Neighborhoods within the urban village are to be planned and developed with a combination of land uses to promote a self-sustaining community. The City Council considered the Specific Plan, a final environmental impact report, a fiscal impact report, and economic strategy prior to approving the Specific Plan on March 3, 2003.

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