Since the City’s incorporation over 100 years ago in 1912, Clovis remains a community that values its citizens, its way of life, and its future as a leader and innovator in the San Joaquin Valley. This General Plan continues this tradition by building on the strengths of previous planning efforts, staying true to the community’s values and vision, and addressing future needs in a changing world.

This plan focuses on the preservation and enhancement of the existing Clovis community while allowing the continued development of three Urban Centers to ensure the long-term viability of the Clovis we know and love. The Urban Centers—key components that are carried forward from the 1993 plan—are unique sub-communities of Clovis that enable the City to grow while maintaining authentic, small town character and overall livability. 

Another important focus of this General Plan is to provide a document that is approachable and easy to use. This plan focuses on providing clear, consistent, and substantive goals and policy direction to guide community members, staff, and elected officials when making decisions about Clovis’ future.