An encroachment permit is required to perform work within the public right-of-way (e.g. a sidewalk, street, alley or easement) or to use portions of a street to interrupt the public right of way for exclusive purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

 An Encroachment permit is needed whenever construction or an event may enter the public right-of-way per City Municipal Code 7.2.01 .

Every time a pool permit is pulled, it will be evaluated to determine whether an encroachment permit is necessary. See this letter for more information

The City of Clovis has standard drawing available, located here.

Encroachment Permit applications can be sent in via email. The application form includes the proper email address to submit the application to. You can see the application form by clicking here.

When applying for an Encroachment Permit, please include a full submittal package. This includes:

An inspection must be scheduled at least 48 hours before work begins. To schedule an inspection, call (559) 324-2370. 

Inspectors will come out as work is being done to verify the traffic control plan/construction plan is being followed and that no damage has been made to public property. Once the engineering inspector has signed off on the work, the permit will be closed out. 

The Encroachment Permit Process

  • The first step to acquiring an encroachment permit is to fill out and submit a complete application. For a full list of what needs to be included, please see our above FAQ, under “What do I need in order to apply?”
  •  After the application has been filled out and submitted, our encroachment permit team will review the application
    • Contact information should be thorough as our team may need to contact you with questions.
  • When the review process is completed, payment must be made. The permit will be issued at payment.
    • Please check the Fee Schedule for information about the cost of Encroachment Permits.  


Encroachment Permit Main Line: (559) 324-2370 

*Do NOT call this line regarding Building Permits. For Building Permits please call (559) 324-2390.


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