The Chaplains’ purpose is to:

1) Provide moral support, spiritual guidance, and practical assistance to police officers, departmental personnel, and their families.

2) To offer comfort, care and counseling to the victims of crime and other citizens in times of crisis and need.

3) To serve as a link between law enforcement and the general public with the goal of enhancing relationships, fostering understanding, and encouraging greater cooperation between the police department and the community it serves.

4) To serve officers and other personnel in a manner congruent with the departmental goal of providing the highest level of service and protection to our citizens.

Police Chaplains are duly designated, approved, and experienced representatives of differing faith groups functioning in a secular capacity.  They carry out their duties and responsibilities in an attitude of non-intrusive availability.  Their services are available when requested by the agency on the basis of need and desire.  They are not intended, nor do they wish to replace an individual’s clergyman.

If you wish to become a Police Chaplain with our Department, you can use the online form below or fill out the paper application (PDF) which includes instructions. Or, you can also contact the Lead Chaplain Aaron Breeze at or 559-324-2571.