Police Chaplain Application

Please fill out all fields, attach your resume, and agree to the terms below to submit your chaplain application. All fields are required.

Please contact deannam@cityofclovis.com for more information.

Applicant Information
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Please attach a typewritten or printed resume which includes the following information: Your training and preparation which would help you function as a chaplain, and a brief statement of how you understand the chaplains program will work as a part of your ministry. List colleges/universities attended, degrees held or units earned (please include dates, if possible). List any ministries, including the dates and locations where served. Include at least 2 personal references with addresses and phone numbers. Include any record of arrest and conviction. You may also provide any other pertinent information, which would address your qualifications to serve in this challenging ministry. PDF, Word, or text files only.

  • I understand and agree that as an applicant for a Police Chaplain position with the Clovis Police Department, an extensive background investigation is necessary.
  • I further understand and agree that should any information come to the attention of the Clovis Police Department during the processing of my application and/or background investigation which may be adverse to the standards of the Department, the Chief of Police or her designees has the authority to disqualify me from further consideration.
  • I additionally understand, agree, and accept as a condition for further consideration as a Clovis Police Chaplain, that should the Chief of Police or her designees decide to terminate consideration of my application for any reason, the information remains confidential and I waive the right to know such information and/or its source.
  • Finally, I agree to waive any and all administrative and/or legal actions or proceedings against the Clovis Police Department, its employees, and agents regarding the application and selection process for the Police Chaplain Program.
  • Please enter your initials and the date if you agree to the above terms