The Youth Services Division provides programs services and activities for juveniles and parents. The mission of the Youth Services Division is to encourage youth within the City of Clovis to consistently demonstrate behavior that produces social, emotional, educational and economic success. Our approach is to provide multiple programs, services and activities to support families in our community.

Youth Services Programs


The Diversion Program is a method to hold juveniles accountable and support parental authority. This program is for juveniles who are deemed out-of-control, juveniles who run away from home, juveniles who commit misdemeanor criminal offenses and juveniles who are chronically truant. The process begins with a hearing with the Juvenile Hearing Officer. The Juvenile Hearing Officer reviews the behavior that brought the juvenile to the attention of the police department, and places the juvenile on a Diversion Contract. The contract directs the juvenile to complete a specific number of days in the Community Service Work Program, and to follow-up with community resources that may help the juvenile to improve their misbehavior.

Juvenile Work Program (JWP)

The JWP is the primary method in which the Clovis Police Department holds juveniles accountable for misbehavior in the community. Juveniles are required to remove weeds and debris from public areas like vacant lots, alley ways, parks and parking lots. Juveniles also assist in cleaning up graffiti throughout the city.

Graffiti Abatement

Graffiti Abatement is a high priority for the Clovis Police Department and Youth Services. To report Graffiti, call the Graffiti Hot Line at 324-2426. We have two goals for this program:

  • To remove graffiti within 24-48 hours of being notified.
  • To arrest chronic offenders.

Drug Education Program (DEP)

The Drug Education Program is a five hour class provided one Saturday a month during the school year and is taught by a Clovis Police Officer. The class is interactive and teaches juveniles the dangers and consequences of alcohol and drug use.

Clovis Police Youth Academy

The Clovis Police Department Youth Academy is a professional development program for teens in our community ages 14 to 17 interested in a career in the law enforcement field.  Our department offers many career paths from Police Officers to Dispatchers, Animal Control Officers, Community Service Officers, Managers, Supervisors, Public Information Officers, Records Clerks, Administrative Assistants, Video Technicians, Marketing Coordinators, Information Technology Professionals, Social Workers, and Chaplains. Through our Youth Academy, students will not only have the opportunity to develop skills in these areas and receive specific job training but also the opportunity to grow as leaders, communicators, and future professionals. To participate, students must have at least a 3.0 GPA, submit an application, pass a background check, and demonstrate a strong commitment to regularly attend and participate in all aspects of the program. To apply, simply download and submit an application to Marissa Venegas either by email at or by mail to The Clovis Police Department Youth Services Division, Attention: Marissa Venegas at 1233 Fifth Street Clovis, CA 93612. For more information, please contact Youth Services at (559) 324-2440. 


Professional Counseling

Professional counseling is provided by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. The counseling focuses on improving family functioning by working with parents and juveniles. Typical areas of concern include: juvenile drug and alcohol use, poor school performance, running away from home, poor communication, and inconsistent parenting.

For more Information call Youth Services at (559) 324-2440.