The City of Clovis Active Transportation Plan will convey a vision for the continued development of bicycle and pedestrian networks within the City of Clovis that create a safe, comfortable, and connected community for walking and bicycling.  Clovis already has a solid foundation of investment in active transportation through the City’s Bicycle Transportation Master Plan and existing bikeway and paseo network.  Fehr & Peers has been hired by Clovis to continue to create great walking and bicycling opportunities for Clovis citizens.

Trail Count Data

We provide trail count data for two of our most popular trail locations, the Dry Creek Trail and the Old Town Trail. To access it you can click on the link below, and then zoom into the Clovis area on the map. You can manipulate the output to include or exclude bike and pedestrian information using the boxes on the left side of the screen and manipulate the time period evaluated using the box on the the right side of the screen. Please follow this link to access the trail counter information (it will open in a new tab).

Please also check out our Clovis General Plan Circulation Element. It’s a comprehensive and well-maintained circulation system that provides for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods.

Road Diets

Some streets in the City of Clovis may have insufficient right-of-way to add bike lanes alongside the current lane configuration. In these cases, it may be possible to redesign such roads to accommodate cars in fewer lanes to provide space for bike lanes with minimal impact to car travel. This process, often referred to as a road diet, has been performed on a number of streets within the city. 

The following streets are being considered for vehicular lane reductions to accommodate bike lanes. Until a thorough evaluation is completed, these street will be included in the Active Transportation Plan as Class III Bikeways (bike routes). These streets include sections of:

  • Bullard Avenue
  • Gettysburg Avenue
  • Sierra Vista Avenue
  • Sunnyside Avenue
  • Villa Avenue 

Transportation to Recreation

Take YARTS to Yosemite National Park, minimize traffic and parking congestion. YARTS fare includes free entrance to the park.

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