As Clovis continues to develop as one of the state’s most desirable communities, engineers and technicians are ready and willing to provide solutions to a variety of engineering challenges. Their efforts range from overseeing construction of major public facilities to ensuring private development activities result in safe projects of the highest quality. 

New Development

Recognizing the value of timeliness, Development Review Services staff aim to complete the first review of building plans within four weeks of submittal and the second review within two weeks-plus. These plan checks ensure construction projects completed in Clovis meet city standards and codes for health and safety. Development Review also administers project development fees, which ensure the proper financing of infrastructure improvements required by new construction. Staff also sign off on building permits and prepare deferment payments and landscape maintenance district agreements as needed. 

Community Investment Program 

As Clovis continues to grow, Engineering staff is pursuing more than 120 community investment projects, ranging from small, neighborhood upgrades to multi-million dollars efforts, such as the Clovis Sewage Treatment – Water Reuse Facility, new parks,  major street improvements, and the Landfill expansion, which serves existing, new, and developing areas of the city. Staff oversees management, plan review, right-of-way acquisition, and engineering duties for these projects, all of which are planned and designed to maintain the high quality of life Clovis residents have come to enjoy. 

Special Projects 

Traffic signs and signals and street lighting, undulations, and striping, as well as traffic and safety concerns are handled by Engineering’s Special Projects team. Frequently, staff members meet with neighborhood groups to address concerns related to both vehicle and pedestrian traffic and safety. Work also involves conducting studies, traffic counts and surveys to better respond to troubling situations. 

Construction Management Services 

Construction Management efforts in Clovis involve providing quality-control inspections and field reviews of private and public capital improvement projects. The result is confidence that utility systems are installed according to plan and city codes and standards. Construction Management also monitors traffic control near construction sites for safety.

New VMT Guidelines

The City of Clovis is pleased to present the Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Guidelines. These guidelines are in response to Senate Bill 743 (SB 743) requirement that projects subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) analyze VMT to determine traffic related impacts, rather than Level of Service (LOS).  The City Council approved these guidelines on October 17, 2022.  These guidelines will provide guidance for the preparation of traffic studies for purposes of CEQA analysis. If you have any questions or comments regarding the guidelines, please contact David Merchen, City Planner, at or at (559) 324-2346.