City Council Goals

Vision and Values

The vision statement developed at the last Citizens’ Summit in consultation with the City Council provides guidance for city policy and operations. The purpose of the statement is to articulate the most desirable qualities that will prevail in the City of Clovis of the future, building on the City’s current values and opportunities, and inspiring its citizens to achieve the community’s potential. Our Vision for Clovis:

A City that is committed to the Clovis Community Family, their needs, their values and a quality way of life for all; reflecting that commitment in how it develops and in the activities it undertakes.

This statement is intended to serve as a guide for future design of the city and its services to make sure decisions are made that will perpetuate community values and further enhance the quality of living.

Goal Setting

The City Council periodically conducts goal-setting and strategic planning workshops to develop a blueprint of goals and target actions. Goals express the expectation for direction and achievement for the next five-year period or longer, and target actions are those programs and projects to be addressed with the budget cycle to help achieve the goals. These are reviewed and updated annually.

Priority Goals for Clovis

  • Provide for orderly and planned community growth consistent with the vision adopted with the General Plan and regularly seek community response.
  • Make Clovis the safest City in the Valley providing quick and effective response to high priority calls for emergency services.
  • Provide for cutting edge economic development strategies to grow business, jobs and to enhance the revenue base of the community; position city resources to support businesses competing in today’s global market.
  • Provide for a financially sustainable City as the community grows and look to the long term.
  • Make Clovis a great place for all families to live healthy, work productively, learn continuously, and play actively from generation to generation.
  • Provide strong and effective local leadership for the community, demonstrating a model for others; provide regional leadership and influence decision making through active participation in the big issues.
  • Maintain and articulate a distinct community identity and community pride.
  • Promote citizen engagement and develop a shared responsibility for community involvement.
  • Maintain Clovis as a public sector employer of choice and ensure that this team advances the city Mission.

Achieving the Goals

In achieving these goals, the city utilizes various long-range planning documents including the General Plan, Specific Plans (for sub-areas of the General Plan), Service and Infrastructure Master Plans, various project and facility plans, and the Five-Year Community Investment Program. These plans are reviewed from time to time to ensure consistency with current law, trends, and technologies.