Citizen Volunteer Application

Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a Clovis Police Department Volunteer. Once you complete the form, click the “Continue” button at the bottom. As you proceed, you will see blank spaces at the end of some sections. These spaces are for you to use to write in your response to questions or provide any additional information. Once you submit your application, you will be contacted by the volunteer coordinator. To become a volunteer, each applicant must undergo a thorough background check that includes a voice stress test.

Contact Information

Skills & Abilities

The department would like to know about all of your skills and abilities. Please check all areas in which you possess working knowledge and skill.


Please indicate the days and times you are usually available to volunteer. Note: It is understood that your availability may need to be modified in the future.

Volunteer Assignments

Below you will find a list of Volunteer Positions that exist within the police department. We ask that you check all those areas in which you are interested. Your selections will be considered as you progress through the volunteer application review, interview, and background investigation process. The final decision about where your primary placement within the organization will be is determined by a number of factors such as: your availability, flexibility, commitment, skill set, and the needs of our department.

Personal Statement

Please inidcate why you want to want to be a Clovis Police Department Volunteer.


I understand and agree that, as an applicant for a Citizen Volunteer position with the Clovis Police Department, an extensive background investigation is necessary.

I further understand and agree that should any information come to the attention of the Clovis Police Department during the processing of my application, and/or background investigation, which may be adverse to the standards of the Department, the Chief of Police or his designee has the authority to disqualify me from further consideration.

Additionally, I understand, agree, and accept, as a condition for further consideration as a Clovis Police Department Citizen Volunteer, that should the Chief of Police or his designee decide to terminate consideration of my application for any reason, the information remains confidential and I waive the right to know such information and/or its source.

Finally, I agree to waive any and all administrative and/or legal actions or proceedings against the City of Clovis and the Clovis Police Department, its employees, and agents regarding the application and selection process for the Citizen Volunteer Program.

I certify that all statements on the application, including criminal and employment information are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that any falsification will be considered cause for disqualification.