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Senate Bill 9 Lot Split & Two-Unit Development

Senate Bill 9 (SB-9) is a California state law that provides homeowners a streamlined process to create more housing options. The City of Clovis, subject to minimum development standards, must ministerially approve two residential units on a single lot and the subdivision of one lot into two lots within a single-family residential zone district. 

Similar to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), the provisions of SB-9 establish the opportunity for an affordable option to increase housing within the City.

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SB-9 can be found here.

What is an SB-9 lot split?

An SB-9 lot split is the one-time subdivision of an existing single-family residential parcel. Both newly created lots shall be a minimum of 1,200 square feet and not be smaller than 40 percent of the lot area of the original parcel.

What is a two-unit development?

Keep your existing parcel as is and develop up to two single family homes plus one ADU and/or one JADU.

Can I develop both an SB-9 lot split and a two-unit development?

Yes, you may split your lot and develop two homes on each lot for a total of four homes.

Is my lot eligible for an SB-9 project?

In order to be eligible for a SB-9 streamlined ministerial application process, your parcel must be zoned single-family residential and meet eligibility criteria specified within the SB-9 Lot Split and Two-Unit Development Eligibility Checklists. Prior to submitting an application, preliminary screening with City Planning Staff is encouraged to confirm that your project is consistent with eligibility criteria consistent with State law.

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