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Motorcycle Safety Month Enforcement Detail Results

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Over the weekend, two traffic officers completed special enforcement for Motorcycle Safety Month. Both cars and motorcycles were stopped who violated motorcycle-related safety violations.

During one stop near Shepherd/Temperance, someone riding an off-road dirt bike was stopped after our traffic officer noticed them driving recklessly. The rider was arrested for reckless driving, violation of probation, and riding with a suspended license. The dirt bike was also towed.

Over the 1 1/2 day detail, our traffic officers made 27 stops and issued 18 citations specifically related to motorcycle safety month.

Remember to help make the roadway safer for everyone, and follow these tips:
-Look twice at intersections for motorcycles.
-Be aware of your blind spots.
-Always wear a helmet & safety gear when riding a motorcycle.
-Lane-splitting in CA is legal when done so safely. Share the road.
-Allow for greater following distance behind a motorcycle.
-Obey the rules of the road.
-Always use your turn signals.

This detail was paid for by a grant by the California Office of Traffic Safety.

Traffic stop of a dirt bike