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Clovis Police Gear Up for 102nd Rodeo and Saturday’s Parade

Seventy-five Clovis Police officers, reserves, support staff, volunteers, Fresno City College Police cadets and Clovis Police Explorers will be stationed along the Rodeo Parade route tomorrow (4/23) morning for the safety of onlookers and participants. The contingent includes officers on foot, motorcycles and bikes. The parade theme is “PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.” The parade itself gets underway at 9:30 a.m. Longtime Clovis City Council Member Harry Armstrong will lead the parade as the Grand Marshal of the 102nd Clovis Rodeo. The parade is expected to last until 11:30 a.m. For the second time, the Clovis Police Department will have ten department vehicles in the parade.

​The parade starts westbound on Barstow Avenue at Clovis Avenue. It continues north on Pollasky to 3rd Street, east on 3rd Street to Clovis Avenue, and south on Clovis Avenue to Jefferson. Traffic will be directed around the route at Sierra to the north, Sunnyside to the east, Barstow to the south, and Pollasky to the west. Officers will set up street barricades beginning at 8:30 a.m.

​Clovis Police will staff a command post on 7th Street between Pollasky and Clovis Avenues. The Clovis Police Department encourages spectators to enjoy this family event. Parents may pick up their “found children” at Fire Station #1 at Pollasky and 7th.

​Tonight, a contingent of Clovis Police officers and reserves is assigned to the rodeo, concert and downtown bar area. Saturday afternoon and evening, expect to see just as many officers and reserves. Sunday, several officers are assigned to the rodeo grounds.

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