ADA Web Accessibility Statement

The City of Clovis is committed to ensuring that its website is accessible to people with disabilities. Pages on this website are reviewed and produced to the best of our abilities to be accessible to individuals with disabilities in accordance with provisions of Section 508, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, Level AA.  If you would like to provide feedback on the site accessibility or to request accessible information in alternative formats you can contact:

Andrew Haussler
Assistant City Manager
(559) 324-2060

ADA Grievances

The City encourages members of the public with complaints regarding access to a facility, program, activity or service to attempt to informally resolve those complaints with the responsible person in the Department providing the facility, activity, program or service. The City also encourages employees and applicants with complaints regarding discrimination on the basis of disability to attempt to informally resolve those complaints with the department in which they are employed or working.

In the event a complaint cannot be resolved informally with the department, complaints regarding access to City programs, facilities, services, or activities and complaints regarding discrimination in employment on the basis of disability may be filed in writing using the attached complaint form at the following address:

City of Clovis
Attn: City Clerk/ADA Coordinator
1033 Fifth Street Clovis, CA 93612
(559) 324-2060

Complaint Procedure

The complaint should be in writing and contain, at a minimum, the name and address and phone number of the complainant, as well as the date, location and description of the alleged violation. Alternative means of filing complaints, such as personal interviews or a tape recording of the complaint, may be available upon request. A complaint must be filed within 60 calendar days after the complainant becomes aware, or should have become aware of the alleged violation. 

The ADA coordinator or an appropriate designee will meet with the person to discuss the complaint and possible resolutions and will promptly investigate all complaints of discrimination on the basis of disability. When appropriate, effective remedial action will be taken to address and remedy any complaints. The ADA Coordinator or designee shall issue a written summary of the complaint, findings and resolution, and forward a copy to the complainant and the affected Department within 30 working days of receipt of the complaint. The ADA Coordinator shall maintain the files and records relating to the complaint for three years.

In the event the complainant is not satisfied with the results of the investigation and resolution, the complainant may appeal the decision within 10 calendar days to the City Manager. The City Manager or designee shall review the matter on appeal and render a decision within 30 working days. The decision of the City Manager or designee shall be final. 

Filing a complaint with the City of Clovis does not preclude a complainant from filing a complaint or seeking relief from any other federal or state agency with jurisdiction over such matters. In addition, any retaliatory action against a person for filing a discrimination charge or making a discrimination complaint is strictly prohibited.