To report a property that is non-compliant with the weed abatement code, please visit:
Clovis Customer Relationship Management

The City of Clovis manages a proactive Weed Abatement program beginning April 1 and concluding in late summer. Each spring, a fire department official conducts surveys of all vacant properties within the boundaries of the City of Clovis. Those parcels with weeds, debris and other hazardous materials are entered into a central database. 

Owners of those properties are notified with a Weed Abatement Posting Notice and given a certain number of days to clean up. If compliance is not reached, the City of Clovis Fire Department will hire a contractor to clean those properties and the bill will be mailed to the property owner. This bill will include the cost of the cleanup plus a $300 administrative fee. If payment is not received within 30 days, an assessment on that property will be placed on the County Tax Rolls. 

The Weed Abatement Program is designed to protect the residential neighborhoods of Clovis. This program is important because tall, dry weeds and debris: 

  • Create a potential fire hazard 
  • Attract vermin and insects which create a potential health hazard 
  • Detract from the overall beauty and desirability of the City of Clovis
  • Can cause insurance prices to rise, due to risk of fire

Weed Abatement Information