The Budget document has been designed to provide the public concise and readable information about the City of Clovis. The Budget explains the services and objectives, annual spending plan for the fiscal year, debt obligations, and other vital information about the operations of the City.


Annual Budgets

The Financial Statement provides a discussion and analysis of the City of Clovis’ financial performance and an overview of the City’s financial activities. Please read it in conjunction with the accompanying transmittal letter, the basic financial statements and the accompanying notes to those financial statements.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)

The Five-year Financial Forecast represents a continuing effort to analyze the City’s long-term fiscal condition based upon a reasonable set of economic and operational assumptions. It is an important management tool used by both the City Council and the City Manager in identifying fiscal trends and issues which must be addressed early in order to assure continued financial success. The set of forecasts contained in the document are not a prediction of what will occur. It is a snapshot in time and an approximate view of what could occur in the future if all of the economic assumptions are realized.

Five-Year Financial Forecasts

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