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Clovis Police Traffic Officers Crackdown on Tinted Windows

Clovis Police Traffic officers are out in force this week to crackdown on drivers who have applied dark tint to their car windows. Traffic officers recently have noticed an increase in the number of vehicles in the City of Clovis with tinted windows. This is a safety issue not just for those with tinted windows, but also for pedestrians and drivers. They often cannot see though excessively tinted windows to acknowledge those sharing the road. Safety is the reason officers will look to stop those with illegally tinted windows. According to the California Vehicle Code, “A person shall not drive any motor vehicle with any object or material placed, displayed, installed, affixed or applied upon the windshield or side or rear windows.” That’s the law.

During the day, but even more so at night, officers are looking to stop drivers who cannot properly see out of the windshield, side windows or through the rear-view mirrors. These drivers are a danger to themselves, their passengers and every other user of the road. In addition, heavy tints obstruct the work of police and rescue workers, making it difficult for them to identify suspects in criminal cases or victims in accidents. A fully blacked-out car can also be intimidating to other drivers.

Keep in mind that car manufacturers do not apply tint to windows for safety purposes. The tint, itself, can alter window quality and can lead to more serious injuries in an accident.

Clovis Police will issue “fix it tickets” to those driving cars with illegally tinted windows and that means they will have to remove the tint hazard from their cars, and make our roads safer.