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Prolific Vehicle Burglary Suspect Arrested, Again

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Clovis Police Detectives have arrested a suspect for multiple vehicle burglaries after serving a search warrant at his home yesterday. In just 31 days, the suspect allegedly broke into 11 cars near Clovis and Shaw in a gym parking lot, and then used stolen debit and credit cards almost immediately to drain the victim’s account to purchase gift cards.

Video surveillance from commercial businesses and our City of Clovis camera network helped identify the suspect and the car that 37-year-old Nicholas Browning of Fresno was driving. During the search warrant, Detectives located over 200 gift cards, clothing, and other evidence purchased fraudulently, and this was not his first arrest for this type of crime. In 2018, Clovis Police arrested Browning for committing similar crimes from another gym parking lot in Clovis. Browning was arrested without incident and booked into Fresno County Jail on over 30 felonies related to this recent investigation.

Several cars broken into had personal property in plain sight when parked. Detectives would like to remind you to remain vigilant, and do not leave valuables or property including personal identification in your car at any time. Always lock your car and park in well-lit areas at night. If you see suspicious activity or a crime in progress, notify law enforcement immediately.

Below is a photo of evidence collected during a search warrant. Evidence includes gift cards, cash from various countries, and money grams.

Evidence collected during a search warrant including money grams, cash from various countries, and gift cards.