You are currently viewing Clovis City Hall to act as a Vote Center location, February 22 through March 3

Clovis City Hall to act as a Vote Center location, February 22 through March 3

Beginning with the March 3 primary election, Fresno County is implementing the Voters Choice Act. This means a few changes to the way ballots are distributed and collected.

All registered voters were mailed a ballot.

Voters have three choices on how to return the ballot.

  • Voters can complete and drop in the mail, no stamp required.
  • There are four Ballot Drop Locations in the City of Clovis where completed ballots can be dropped off 24/7 from February 4 – March 3. The drop boxes look like a large mailbox and are not staffed by personnel.
  • There are seven Voter Center Locations throughout Clovis, including one in Clovis at City Hall, which replace traditional polling places. Voters can vote in person, get a replacement ballot, drop off a completed ballot, or have questions answered in person. The Clovis City Hall location will be open from February 22 – March 3. All other Clovis locations will be open February 29 – March 3. Hours of operation are 9am-5pm from February 22- March 2 and 7am-8pm on March 3, Election Day. Spanish language assistance will be available at all locations and additional language assistance will be provided at certain locations (information below). Parking is free.

Addresses and additional information on voting is below:

Clovis Vote Center Locations

Clovis Administration Building (City Hall)

1033 5th St

In the lobby, City of Clovis Civic Center, next to the Clovis Library

Open daily, including weekends, February 22 – March 3 from 9 am – 5pm, and on Election Day, March 3 open 7am-8pm.

Valley Public Radio (KVPR)

2589 Alluvial Ave Northwest corner of Alluvial Ave and N Temperance Ave

Additional Language Assistance: Tagalog

Open 4 days: FEB 29 – MAR 3

Carmel Village at Clovis

1650 Shaw Ave Between Sunnyside Ave and Fowler Ave

Additional Language Assistance: Hmong

Open 4 days: FEB 29 – MAR 3

Clovis Community College (Herndon)

390 W Fir Ave Between N Peach Ave and N Villa Ave, north of Herndon Ave

Open 4 days: FEB 29 – MAR 3

Independent Order of Odd Fellows

2823 Helm Ave At Gettysburg Ave between Willow Ave and Peach Ave

Additional Language Assistance: Hmong

Open 4 days: FEB 29 – MAR 3

Clovis East High School

2940 Leonard Ave North end of East Gym, use east parking lots off Leonard Ave

Additional Language Assistance: Vietnamese

Open 4 days: FEB 29 – MAR 3

Buchanan High School

1560 N Minnewawa Ave Northwest side of campus use parking off W Teague Ave

Additional Language Assistance: Chinese

Open 4 days: FEB 29 – MAR 3

Clovis Ballot Drop Box Locations

Noble Credit Union

175 N. Clovis Ave

In front of building to the right of the ATM

Clovis Recreation Center

3495 Clovis Avenue

West side of building near wheelchair ramp

Bud Rank Elem. School

3650 N. Powers Ave

Drive thru parking lot, northside of campus, near kindergarten wing

Red Bank Elementary School

1454 N. Locan Ave

At school entrance near the Administration Office/Cafeteria

All Drop Box locations are available daily, including weekends, February 4- March 3, 24/7. Drop Boxes look like a large mailbox.

IF you need assistance with your ballot, please call (559) 600-VOTE (8683), Toll Free (844) 977-VOTE (8683) or visit a Vote Center. You can also visit for a list of all Vote Center Locations. You may visit any Vote Center.