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City of Clovis to Celebrate GIS Day

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In November, The City of Clovis will invite the public to City Hall to celebrate and showcase the technology of GIS.

What is GIS? GIS stands for Geographic Information System. When you use your smartphone or computer to access any of the following technologies, you are using GIS!

·         Cell service

·         Find Friends (iPhone) to track family/friend locations

·         Weather apps

·         Google

·         Navigation/map apps (Waze, Apple maps) for real-time traffic, road closures, construction

·         Fitbit and other fitness apps

·         Uber, Lyft, and ride share apps

·        Pokémon Go

·         Yelp

·        Drones

·        Amazon and package tracking through USPS, FedEx, etc.

·        Social media location-based advertising. Example: “Events near you…”

·        Air traffic apps

·        Direct marketing/targeted advertising

·        Rental scooters/bikes, such as Bird and Lime

·        Mapping and tracking the spread of wild fires

·         PG&E power outages based on weather conditions

·        Air quality alerts

·        Tourism, travel, hotel finders, Airbnb, VRBO

On Wednesday November 13, from 9am- 3pm at Clovis City Hall, members of the public and media are invited to see how the City of Clovis utilizes GIS in city planning, public safety, and public utilities. City of Clovis GIS experts will showcase maps, provide up-close looks at city vehicles which use GIS and present a demonstration on drones.

GIS Day is an international celebration of GIS. Events will be taking place at hundreds of locations around the globe.

For a brief video explaining GIS please click and for a complete schedule of events and to learn more please go to:

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