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Pet Groomers can operate as essential business in City of Clovis

The City of Clovis has been working to determine whether pet grooming can be allowed as an essential business under the State of California’s Shelter in Place Order.

This question was posed by the City of Clovis to the State of California Department of Public Health and the Department stated that the Order was not clear on the matter and left the decision to the City.

The City reviewed the State’s Order and, after consulting with Fresno County Health Department and receiving clarification that they do not have a prohibition against it, has determined that pet grooming can be considered a form of allowable animal care and has informed pet groomers in the City of Clovis that they have the ability to operate as an essential business.

Health protocols, including social distancing between employees and customers, are to be followed by any pet grooming establishment choosing to reopen at this time.

The City of Clovis continues to follow the guidelines of the State of California and Fresno County Department of Public Health as it pertains to the ongoing Shelter in Place Order.

The Order remains in place until further notice.

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