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City of Clovis Introduces Gift Card Portal to Support Small Businesses

Today, the City of Clovis announced the launch of “Caring for Clovis,” an online platform designed to generate direct sales for Clovis businesses that are closed or partially closed due to COVID-19 operating restrictions.

This is a tough time for all businesses. But it’s especially tough for restaurants and bars. While restaurants can still offer delivery and take-out, those who depend on their dining rooms to meet their bottom line are being hit the hardest. Most in this industry own small, mom-and-pop shops that support community events, are generous with donations, sponsor youth activities, and buy ads in everything from high school yearbooks to trade show programs.

“These are our neighbors and our friends and this is our chance to support them,” said Mayor Drew Bessinger.

As a resource to make ends meet and preserve the livelihood of these community members during this difficult time, the City of Clovis created a website that will act as a “gift card mall”, a one-stop-shop to purchase electronic gift cards, physical gift cards, and gift certificates for struggling Clovis businesses. Most of the cards will sell at a discounted price (for example, a gift card worth $50 may be available for sale for $40). The gift cards can be used once restaurants open for business-as-usual again. This program will allow the affected business owners to generate immediate income and will provide a bargain for the faithful customers.

To make this work, the City of Clovis partnered with the Clovis Chamber of Commerce, Business Organization of Old Town, Fresno/Clovis Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the California Restaurant Association. The technology to quickly process payments create electronic gift cards provided by GiftBar, an e-commerce firm with the expertise in providing gift card solutions for a number of platforms.