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Off-Duty Deputy Catches Suspect Stealing From Neighbor

On 10/17/16 just after 12:00 P.M., officers were dispatched to a neighborhood near Sunnyside Ave./Alluvial Ave. for report of a male holding a female down. When officers arrived on scene, they determined that the male was an off-duty deputy holding a female burglary suspect down. The off-duty deputy was at home, and saw the female suspect enter his neighbor’s open garage door. The female suspect was also seen inside of the neighbor’s unlocked vehicle trying to steal property.

The female, identified as 25 year-old Skye Miller of Clovis, was booked into Fresno County Jail on burglary, theft, and possession of a controlled substance.

This serves as a very good reminder to always keep your vehicle and home secure. Even when you’re home, an open garage door is an easy target for criminals. We’d like the thank the observant off-duty deputy for his assistance!