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Felony Hit & Run Suspect Wanted

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Clovis Police are asking for the public’s assistance with identifying the driver of a car that hit a bicyclist last night before taking off. On Wednesday evening, May 15, 2024, just before 11:00 P.M., a bicyclist was riding through the gas station at Shaw/Peach in Clovis as a black car was driving through the commercial parking lot. The collision threw the bicyclist to the ground where he sustained non-life-threatening injuries. The unknown driver of the black car stopped, but then drove away before even checking on the injured bicyclist.

The bicyclist is an adult male and he was transported to a local hospital for treatment. At this time, there is no further information on the black car, or the driver. The driver is wanted for felony hit & run, and the black car will have damage to the passenger side. If you have any information about this collision or know who the driver is, please call Valley Crime Stoppers at (559) 498-STOP, or you can leave an anonymous tip on our free mobile “Clovis Police” app.