Clovis Senior Activity Center Sets the Standard for New Decade

Clovis Senior Activity Center Sets the Standard for New Decade

The following article was posted to on January 21, 2020, by Sarah Soghomonian

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If you stop by the Clovis Senior Center, located on 4th Street, in front of San Joaquin College of Law, there’s a good chance you’ll run across Paul Smith and his buddies playing pool.

The 72-year-old, retired database administrator has lived in Clovis for nearly three decades. He enjoys passing time with some friendly competition.

“I play pool and cards at the senior center,” Smith says. “I enjoy the pool competitions, but most of all, it’s the good people I spend time with. I truly believe the Clovis Senior Activity Center is the best I have been to.”

Amy Hance is the General Services Manager for the City of Clovis. Seeing residents like Smith take part in the services Clovis provides makes her happy.

“Clovis is a city with a culture of inclusion and caring,” Hance said. “We hear positive feedback about the amenities in Clovis that make life easier and better for the over-50 community.”

At the Clovis Senior Activity Center folks can take part in exercise, wellness and educational programs. Most of the activities are free or cost a nominal fee.

“The center staff works very hard to offer programs for everyone with a wide range of interests,” Hance said. “You can come to the center to play pool, dance to live music, take an art class, attend peer counseling, learn to do yoga and Zumba, join the book club, or just hang out. We have several interesting special events each year.”

On March 28th a Senior Prom is taking place. The event will offer dancing, refreshments and a “red carpet experience.” Tickets are $10 for a single or $15 per couple and go on sale on Valentine’s Day.

Janis Keippel, 74, retired from her job in information technology 12 years ago and moved to Clovis to be close to family and help take care of her granddaughter. Keippel found new friends working as a front office volunteer at the senior center.

“I like to keep busy and I enjoy meeting and greeting visitors,” she said. “I love to participate in all the events offered by the center: health fairs, classic car show, and summer bash are some of my favorites.”

Soon Keippel will be working in an upgraded facility. Clovis is planning a new senior center as part of the Clovis Landmark Square project at the corner of Third and Clovis Avenues.

“The new center will be more than twice the size of the current building,” Hance said. “We will be expanding classes and programs in the new building and will have the room to accommodate a wider variety of classes and events.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the activities taking place at the current senior center can stop by for a tour or call 559-324-2750 and ask to receive a newsletter with details on all the classes and events taking place each month.

The City of Clovis prides itself on being a welcoming place for seniors. According to 2018 Census numbers, 29 percent of Clovis residents are 50 and over.

“We offer many types of housing along with great restaurants, entertainment, fun events, top-notch medical care, parks, we have it all,” Hence said. “I would recommend visiting Clovis, walking through Old Town, and talking to the locals about what they like best about living here.”

One of the things seniors like about Clovis is the Clovis Transit. “The Roundup bus service is provided for members of the Clovis community who are unable to ride a fixed-route bus due to a disability,” Hence said. “It is a shared-ride service which provides transportation from home to anywhere in Clovis and most of Fresno.”

Staying fit is key to living a long and active life. The City of Clovis helps residents stay healthy with its trail system. Folks can walk, jog or ride their bike along the paths.

The Clovis Recreation Center, located at Clovis and Dakota Avenues, also welcomes seniors. In the spring a senior softball league will be starting.

Anyone interested in learning more about services provided by the city can visit their website,

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