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Clovis Police Arrest Man Responsible for Several Burglaries

A Fresno man is in custody tonight after a pizza delivery raises the suspicions of an attentive citizen who later called to report suspicious behavior in his neighborhood.

Just before 11:00am Saturday morning, a resident in the 600 block of W Rialto noticed a man not known to the neighborhood hanging around a nearby home he knew to be vacant.  The previous evening he had seen a pizza being delivered to the same home so he had been watching the house to see if the owner was around and doing work.  When he saw the stranger at the house, he called police.

When Clovis officers arrived they observed 20 year old Johnny Holguin, a transient from Fresno, inside the house.  He initially attempted to hide from officers, including going up into the attic, but he eventually surrendered without incident and came out of the house.  Clovis officers contacted the home owner who confirmed that Holguin was not known to him and had apparently forced his way into the home.  Officers were able to determine that Holguin had been in the house for several days and had been using it as a base of operations to commit several crimes in the area.  Inside officers found stolen property including laptops, mail, household appliance, household electronics, checks, jewelry, credit cards, and clothing, as well as ID theft materials and evidence of methamphetamine use.   Thus far officers have been able to identify owners for some of the property and connect Holguin to at least 6 instances of residential and vehicle burglary, theft of mail, and theft of deliveries from front porches over the past week.

Holguin was arrested for charges including burglary,theft, forgery, possession of stolen property, trespassing, and possession of narcotics paraphernalia and booked into Fresno County Jail.​The Clovis Police department would like to thank the alert neighbor and remind residents that they know their neighborhood bestand encourage them to call the police when something seems suspicious.