The City of Clovis offers several types of incentives for the production of affordable housing for low-income families:

  • Affordable Housing Development Impact Fee Reduction Program – This program operates as funds are available. Currently, the program is not operating due to all funds being committed to affordable housing units under construction. For questions, please contact Andy Haussler at or (559)-324-2095.
    • Project must provide a deed restriction that limits the occupant household to earn no more than 80% of area median income as provided by the California Department of Housing and Community Development.
    • Project must limit housing cost to not exceed:
      • Rental Project: “Affordable rents” as provided by the California Department of Housing and Community Development.
      • Ownership Project:  Monthly cost shall not exceed 30% of monthly income of household.  Total debt of household shall not exceed 41% of household income.
    • Project must have all permanent financing secured and documented.
    • Project must be in position to pull a building permit from the City of Clovis.
    • Funds will be held for the project for 3 months from time of approval. 
    • Staff has 30 days to review application materials as provided below and provide a determination.
    • If the building permit is not issued or the project does not begin construction within 3 months or the project is not complete within 18 months, the funds will be pulled back and made available to another project.
  • Gap Financing Loans (as funds become available and prioritization of City resources as they become available) – Provides loans for the development of affordable housing for low-income households at rates below those charged by commercial lending institutions. Gap loans are expected to be leveraged with other resources that may include private equity, loans from lending institutions, and/or from Federal, State or Local programs such as HOME Investment Partnership funds and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.
  • Expedited Entitlements
  • Density Bonus Ordinance – Provides incentives for the development of affordable for-sale and rental housing.
  • Cottage Home Program – Properties with alley access meeting the specific requirements can participate in the Cottage Home Program. The program was  created to encourage infill residential development in the Old Town Clovis area, where properties have access to alleys. Due to its success, the Cottage Home Program will be made available to qualifying properties citywide. Three (3) plans, FREE of charge have been developed to fit a variety of property configurations. These cottage homes, of less than 450 square feet, are intended to face onto alleys and provide for a unique pedestrian street environment while also revitalizing the alleys and creating more housing in the highly desirable City of Clovis.

For more information regarding any of the programs above, please contact (559) 324-2060 or

Here is a resource available to help you find more information on how to develop Affordable Housing:

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