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Storms Ahead: Self-Service Sandbag Station Information

According to the US National Weather Service, an impactful atmospheric river will bring heavy precipitation to Central California Wednesday evening (January 31, 2024) through Friday afternoon (February 2, 2024). Remember, our self-fill sandbag station is open at all hours, and there’s no day like today to prepare for the storm ahead!
A few things to keep in mind:
• The self-service sandbag fill station for Clovis residents is open at all hours at the Clovis Corporation Yard at 155 N. Sunnyside Ave, maximum of 10 per household.
• It is normal for gutters to fill up to the top of the curb as part of the drainage process. Streets where the water stops moving and pools above the top of street curbs should be reported.
• To report a problem such as flooding, fallen trees, or other storm-related issues, please contact the Public Utilities Department at (559) 324-2600 or use the GoClovis app.
Be safe out there!