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Heavy Rainfall Expected

Heavy rainfall is expected in the Clovis area on Thursday, 03/09 and Friday, 03/10.
Sandbags will be available to City of Clovis residents only, with a limit of 10 bags per household, at the self-service sandbag fill station is located at the Clovis Corporation Yard at 155 N. Sunnyside Ave. (Fresno County residents can contact the Fresno County Public Works Department for info on where to access sandbags.)
It is expected that streets will be flooded during the heavy rainfall, and you may see water levels reach curb height or higher. It is important to remember that this is normal and part of the design of our roadways and storm drainage system. As long as water is moving and not at risk of entering a building, it will eventually drain. If water is not moving, contact the Clovis Public Utilities Department so that inlets can be checked for clogging.
Be sure to turn off your irrigation sprinklers to prevent excessive yard flooding. We also suggest limiting unnecessary travel due to the likelihood of street flooding. If you do get on the road, please watch for City crews that may be working nearby.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Clovis Public Utilities Department at (559) 324-2600.
If you live in the foothills or mountains, or have to travel, please visit the following link for road conditions, emergency numbers, and more: