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Clovis Police Department Unveils New Patrol Vehicle Design

The Clovis Police Department is excited to announce our new official patrol vehicle design! Clovis City Council approved the change submitted by Chief Basgall which was designed by Sergeant John Willow. While traditional patrol vehicles make “Police” bold, “Clovis” is the bold lettering on our vehicles to represent the pride we have serving our community. The blue line, fading from light to darker blue represents two things- First is the history of our department, from when officers used to wear light blue uniforms, and then changing to darker blue. The second meaning behind the blue line is in remembrance of fallen officers. The American flag was added as well to show pride in our country. Lettering on the rear of the vehicle was changed to match the side lettering. Our badge and vehicle number remain on the vehicles as well.

All current patrol vehicles are being changed to this new design as well to create a uniformed appearance.

The former patrol vehicle design was in place for more than 10 years.

Chief Basgall has also approved the addition of Ford Explorers to our patrol fleet for new vehicles. Clovis PD will now have Dodge Chargers, Ford F-150 trucks, and Ford Explorers as police patrol vehicles. Ford Police Interceptors (Ford Crown Victoria’s) are being faded out.