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Clovis Police Arrest 1 at DUI/Driver License Checkpoint

The Clovis Police Department’s sobriety/driver license checkpoint southbound Clovis Avenue at Pico Avenue netted 1 drunk driver and 15 license violator(s). 1114 cars and trucks passed through the checkpoint between 9pm last night and 1am this morning. Clovis Police stopped and screened the drivers of 759 vehicles. Here are the stats for the evening/morning:

• 1 arrested for DUI.

• 15 cited for being unlicensed.

• 1 arrested for driving on a suspended license.

• 1 vehicle was towed.

• 3 field sobriety tests conducted.

The DUI Checkpoint grant was funded through the California Office of Traffic Safety which made this checkpoint patrol financially possible. The grant allows the Clovis Police Department to hold special traffic details, including additional checkpoints.

Please remember to plan ahead before going out. Call a friend, Uber, Lyft, or a Taxi if you’re drinking.