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Arson Suspect Arrested

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An arson suspect has been arrested following a fire in a residential neighborhood near Peach/Shepherd.

At 2:45am on April 28, a resident was awoken by his barking dog, alerting him to a fire two streets away. The owner called 911 and woke up the occupants of two homes, while an RV parked between the two was fully engulfed by flames. As the fire grew and caught both homes on fire, Clovis Police & Fire arrived, assisting residents get out safely and extinguishing the fire.

Our investigation showed that a suspect, known by a family in one of the damaged homes, used multiple “Molotov cocktails” to set the RV on fire which was parked on the side yard. The fire grew so quickly that it set fire to the homes on each side of it, both of which had residents sleeping inside. Thankfully, no one was in the RV, and there were no reports of injuries, thanks in large part to “Charlie” the labradoodle, and the quick actions by his owner.

Wednesday afternoon, Clovis Police Detectives arrested 47-year-old Andrew Dubbels of Fresno for multiple felonies including arson, child endangerment, stalking, and possession of a destructive device. Dubbels was booked into Fresno County Jail.

Booking photo of suspect Andrew Dubbels