Clovis Emergency Housing Payment Program: Applications Now Available!

Emergency Housing Payment Program grants are now available to assist low-income Clovis residents who have suffered a COVID-19-related financial loss by providing a maximum of 3 months’ worth of rent or mortgage payments.

Assistance is paid on the applicant’s behalf directly to the applicant’s landlord or mortgage lender.

Are you eligible? If you can answer “yes” to the following questions, you may qualify for assistance:

  1.     Are you struggling to afford your rent or mortgage payment?
  2.       Have you suffered a COVID-19-related financial loss (such as job loss, reduction in hours, medical expenses, etc.)
  3.       Do you have an annual gross household income at or below 80% of Area Median Income as published by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (income maximum is adjusted for householdsize)?
  •           1 Person: $39,150
  •           2 Persons: $44,750
  •           3 Persons: $50,350
  •           4 Persons: $55,900
  •           5 Persons: $60,400
  •           6 Persons: $64,850
  •           7 Persons: $69,350

Applications are now available and can be viewed and printed by clicking:

Clovis Emergency Housing Payment Application 

Or an application can be mailed or emailed to you by contacting:

Heidi Crabtree, Housing Program Coordinator


Las subvenciones del Programa de Pago de Vivienda en Emergencia están ahora disponibles para ayudar a los residentes de Clovis de bajos ingresos que han sufrido una pérdida financiera relacionada con COVID-19, proporcionando un máximo de 3 meses de alquiler o pagos de la hipoteca. La asistencia se paga en nombre del solicitante directamente al propietario o al prestamista hipotecario del solicitante. Esta asistencia se proporciona en forma de subvención.


Presentar las solicitudes completas y con la documentación de apoyo por correo, correo electrónico o en persona:
Heidi Crabtree, Housing Program Coordinator
Clovis Administration Office
1033 Fifth Street
Clovis, CA 93612


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