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Additional Clovis Police Personnel on Patrol for the Holiday Shopping Season

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Many retailers in the City of Clovis plan to open their doors to shoppers even earlier this year on Thanksgiving evening. Anxious Christmas shoppers will likely be lining up for evening and early morning promotional sales/discounts that many retailers are advertising. That means Clovis Police will offer extra patrols beginning on Thanksgiving night into Black Friday morning. Those will be followed by our regularly scheduled holiday patrols, which include officers, reserves and volunteers.

Several stores along the Shaw Avenue and Herndon Avenue corridors plan to open on Thanksgiving. Officers will be looking to keep the peace in store lines in and to suppress criminal activity. Officers and other police personnel will circulate through parking areas, drive along the retail corridors looking for anything suspicious, and provide extra protection for shoppers in Clovis as we enter the holiday gift buying season. Patrols will continue through Christmas Eve.

We would also like to remind people to please lock their cars, take their valuables with them, put packages and anything else thieves might want to take in the trunk (before you arrive at the next store), and be aware of their surroundings. Other tips include: park in well-lighted areas; use the panic button on your car door opener if necessary; ask a security guard to escort you to your car; shop with a friend or spouse; and report any suspicious activity you see.

We encourage you to call law enforcement immediately if you see something suspicious and we hope you have a happy and safe holiday season!