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Surface Water Treatment Plant Maintenance

The Surface Water Treatment Plant will be going offline in September to allow for the Fresno Irrigation District to make some required repairs and improvements within the Enterprise Canal. The City will also be taking advantage of this time to make some improvements at our surface water treatment facility. This early shutdown will require the City to make operational changes to how we provide water to our customers.
While water service will not be interrupted, there will be some changes in how water flows within the distribution system. There could also be periods of lower pressure throughout the water system while the Surface Water Treatment Plant is offline, and some areas of the City may notice or experience lower pressures than they are typically accustomed to. This potential inconvenience should only last through September while water demands are still high due to the drought and warmer temperatures.
We’ve included some tips on how you can help conserve water during this high-demand time. As always, please contact the Public Utilities Department at (559) 324-2600 should you have any questions or experience issues with your water supply.
Tips to save water
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